What Is AABB Accreditation For DNA Testing.

What Is AABB?
The American Association of Blood Banks, or AABB in short, is a US based standards organization that specializes in transfusion medicine and cellular therapies to improve the health and safety of both donor and patient. Since its inception in 1947, the AABB has gone on to become a leader in setting and developing standards in transfusion processes such as collecting, processing, testing, distribution and administration of blood.

Most people don't know what is AABB and consequently, the importance of having an AABB accreditation for DNA agencies is often neglected, more so by patients. Having your blood work done by AAB accredited DNA testing agencies will ensure both safety and healthcare.

Maybe you're looking to find out about your past, maybe you want to connect to your long lost child by means of scientific evidence or maybe you're just looking to prove your origin, but not knowing what is AABB during the process of your DNA test may result in adverse consequences if the procedures and equipment used by your agency do not meet the required standards.
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